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VACLAV’s AW 23/24 collection “Remember” was immediately spotted by buyers magazines and celebrity stylist.

At this collection Lucie focused on sustainability working with deadstock materials but stayed true to her creative vision of sophisticated glamour and beauty of a women living in the city.

This collection brings red vinyls in the form of coats and skirts, beautiful and drapery of silk organza, feathers, shimmering sequins and delicate guipure lace.

In this collection prevails tones of purple, red and ivory white



VACLAV’s SS23 collection “Hardly Soft” was showcased on the 1st of October 2022 at Paris Fashion Week. The collection celebrates the beauty that exists in both sides of a woman; the hard and the soft, the fierce and the delicate, the invincible and the vulnerable. 


This duality is reflected throughout the collection with the unique choice of materials, textures and shapes. Shimmering sequins, soft florals and flowing silhouettes are beautifully unified with bright colour blocking and structured vinyl pieces. The boldest forms are decorated with intricate embroidery, imitating the dance between hard and soft. The fun and ease of spring and summer time is captured with bright purples, blues and greens paired with pink and purple pastels. 


The Hardly Soft collection embodies the rose as well as it’s thorns, made for every woman who loves herself for her vitality but also her tenderness. 

Black Bodycon Vinyl Dress With Ruffled Pink Tulle

AW 22/23 collection -  Boldness, elegance and abundance are some of the main key elements that you will come across in the new collection “Romantic opulence”. These contrasting elements prevail throughout the whole collection through materials, colour schemes, patterns and textures.
However, the garments feature neutral colours such as ovary, black and silver, with nuances of baby pink. To contrast the simplistic shades we have cut-outs, transparencies that add structure and shape.

In addition, persistent in the theme of juxtaposition materials and fabrics in fact, contrasting fabrics such as vinyl and tulle are paired together. Although these different patterns clearly contrast each other because of the different materials and texture, we are still left with a cohesive harmonic and romantic look.

Most importantly, it is remarkable the use of materials such as sequins, fringes, feathers and pearl drapery that provide dynamism and movement to most garments. In addition, bling and rhinestones details are included in some garments THROUGHOUT the collections, these are Preciosa studs and crystals.

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